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DCUO Styles: Amazon Strategos Style


A showcase of the Amazon Strategos style introduced to DC Universe Online as part of Episode 10: Amazon Fury Part 1. The Amazon Strategos style is the style associated with the Level 92 Vendor Gear released in this episode.

This style can be purchased from the vendor at the Gotham Under Siege safe zone for both heroes and villains. The prices are as follows:

– Head: 55 Marks of Victory
– Shoulders: 50 Marks of Victory
– Chest: 60 Marks of Victory
– Back: 40 Marks of Victory
– Hands: 45 Marks of Victory
– Waist: 45 Marks of Victory
– Legs: 60 Marks of Victory
– Feet: 45 Marks of Victory

Alternatively, if you do not require the gear associated with this style, you can purchase the Amazon Strategos Style pieces from Vendor Unit 10 in both the Hall of Doom and Watchtower for 10 Marks of Victory each. Check your map to see where this vendor is located.

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